My Beautiful Bridal Journey

by MissFoxxy

Because i love you May 5, 2009

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Tell me that your sanging out my name

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You were worth waiting for 
You the one that I adore 
Hold on to me tight 
For once in my life 
You were worth waiting for 
You the one that I adore 
This kind of love you’ll only find 
Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime


Drowsy April 12, 2009

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Im oh-so-sick……i wanna do some artsy fartsy stuff…..aahhh—chooo!!!


Good Day April 11, 2009

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So it  wasn’t Romantic Breeze but more of Sparkling Champagne kinda thing. Really royal not over the top, almost subtle. No, it’s not the curtains, but the bedspread instead.

We didn’t want to rush into the curtain just as yet. Need to think through the wwhole concept and more surveys on textures and colours.

Tomorrow it’s off to the backdrop for the  main event. Probably Goodrich?


I got (I got) fever (fever)

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The great shopping begins to today! I’ve been lookingg forward to this but somehow i feel so “bluek” today. I’m sick and i’m feeling “bluek”. I dunnoe.

Last night or should i say early this morning i had bad bad dream. It was on my wedding day, the nikah ceremony. The event was suppose to start at 8pm sharp, howwever in the dream, everything seem to have gone wrong! Totally wrong!

I wasn’t dress in my outfit, no makeup, no guests and food and ….aaarrrghhh!
It’s sooooo horrible! Why do i get such dreams! Am i the “kanchong” person? Am i? AM i?

I usually get these dreams whenever something major is gonna happen in my life. Hate it. Hopefully everything will go on smooothly on the months, week, days ahead of the wedding. And on the 3 wedding day itself! Insyallah.

So today, we’re getting curtains for room, the bridal chamber.
Theme: Romantic Breeze.


Post wedding? April 10, 2009

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I still wanna dress up as a bride after the actual wedding. Keep it minimal and chic and yet look oh-so-foxxy!


Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me April 4, 2009

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It’s now April. Soon it’s gonnaa be May, June, July, August, September and then it will be October!!!!!! OMG!!!

Catering – checked
Decor – checked
Bridal service – checked

I guess those are the main 3 items that are most critical. I’ve still yet to confirm my wedding cake. As i had previously mention, i don’t really see the need for a cake. Yes, it’s nice to have, but not necessarily needed. Right?

I have yet to called up my bridal provider to ask when exactly should i come down and take a look at my outfit. Is April still early to do all that? I dunnoe.

I just can’t wait to buy my wedding gifts. That’s when i can buy anything and everything that i want. Right??? Hahaha.

I’ve been checking some stuff already. Mainly my bag. Sometime i figure if i really need a bag? Another bag i mean. Plus those couple watches that i so often see it in wedding gift exchange. It’s so cliche. Yes, it’s nice to have, but is it really necessary? Maybe i’m saying things too early. Hahahah…

The them once again for the gifts are, things that i will use often, not something that i’ll chucked aside. So yea….

That aside, i’m super excited for the destination. THE destination. Honeymoon. Now that is NECESSARY! Looks like we have more or less decided on a location. Not gonna tell youI! Or maybe i would in the next few entries. It’s gonna be so exciting. 

Aniways, i’m currently loving this song By Raphael Saadiq. It’s a beautiful song. Here is a caption,

“Night is where I find you and peace of mind 
My days are filled with glee 
That’s why I truly give you what you need 
Because you love me for me “