My Beautiful Bridal Journey

by MissFoxxy

Candy Colour April 10, 2009

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To my fellow bride-to-be March 27, 2009

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So, you were telling me about the pralinessssss for dinner? I saw this entry from “Love Made Visible” and just fell in love with the whole package.



That detail… February 28, 2009

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I’m thinking for customised printing with our names on our favours.


I’m not that bothered actually… February 8, 2009

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People, is it a must to have wedding cakes? I dunnoe.

I was checking out Sugarly Nice website and i am appalled at the pricing. Really. $1000+ for a premium and $500+ for a basic? WOW.

I was thinking that cuppcakes are more practical, cause i was thinking that those traditional cakes seems to usually go to waste. Don’t you think. And everyone being so tired from the wedding, who would bother  to cut the rest of the cake and pack it and then give it away. 

Cupcakes would be much easier to give away right? Like grab and go kinda thing.

I love Momma’s Cupcakes. She is way more creative.

Is there any other sites that does wedding cakes and stuff? I wanna know.


Favour -ful January 24, 2009

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I need a favour from you January 3, 2009

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Candy bar..who can resist. Get those no frills candies and re-wrapped it with scrapbooking wrappers, top it off with a customised printed ribbon and it’s good to go.

For supplies, check out Etsy. 

Candy bar / 2. Well…things aren’t getting any cheaper theese days. So buy a bar and cut it to 2…or maybe 3….invest in a nice polks ribbon and goooo…

Have you seen those “biscuit timbang” from apek shops? Well…just wrap it up.



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